Baltimore Zombies 001

Years ago I joked around with friends about a zombie apocalypse situation hitting Baltimore, MD. The city is walled off to prevent infection from spreading. A lot of my friends were to play roles, it was going to be fun killing them off one by one. Now that I have so much time on my hands (joke) I decided to commit to my story. Enjoy Part I.

Baltimore Zombies

Baltimore Zombies 001: Running of The Bulls

I pedal the bike as fast as I can through the cold dark alley. My heart beats so loud it feels like it’s running in front of me – loud as an elephant. A memory of my mom creeps in, as kids she used this metaphor when we stomped through the house. Today, I would do anything to have her here yelling at me to quiet down. My lungs burn; sweat is dripping down my face and burning my eyes. A cramp in my side threatens to disable me. This bike has to move! I keep pumping my legs.

These assholes are fast at night, and I’m pretty sure they can see better than I can. Abandoned cars and litter fill the streets. I have a vague idea where I’m going. The alley looks ominous, though a few overhead lamps provide some guidance…

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