Baltimore Zombie 004

Installment #4 of my infectious Baltimore series. Shelby cleans up and witnesses betrayal from inside the Rec Pier. New character April is introduced as someone not worried about what Jason thinks. I enjoyed writing the scene in which Shelby does some self-reflection. As a new writer adding depth to the MC has been a challenge. I am hoping to add more layers to Shelby in the upcoming sections. As well as some layers to other characters that make up her world.

Baltimore Zombies

Baltimore Zombie 004

Dirty Self-Reflection

Maybe this is a fresh start or maybe this is where I’m abused and used up until someone doesn’t need me anymore. Goddam my thinking process, nothing is clear. Flight or fight? Maybe I don’t have to do either. Standing in the hallway in front of Jason’s room, I notice a large glass window showing from the hallway in. Good sign; he doesn’t have much privacy if any passerby can look in.

“We have a shower, the water isn’t exactly hot, but it ain’t cold either. I’ll send someone up to find you new clothes and – um, burn these.” His hands gesture up and down me. Okay, I’m filthy; we’ve already established this. Maybe my eye roll was out of line. He leans in sneering, “Do you know how fucking lucky you are? We met with over 50 people before you. You are the…

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