Summer Lovin and Summer Stressin

2020. It’s been interesting, no doubt. There are a lot of things I look forward to doing during warmer months but I can’t seem to stop thinking about what the fall and winter will bring. In the aspects of my life that define me most here is a quick run through, in case anyone thought they were alone.

Author Life: My critique group has good things to say about the family drama I’m sharing but they also have a lot of concerns. It’s caused so many rewrites already and they are just past the half way point. This book has been such a challenge but I’m going to push through. Sometimes I just want to throw my computer in the fire pit while drinking watermelon margaritas.

Gardening: Onion Maggots and Aphids sitting in the garden. E A T I N G. First comes dead onions, then comes wilted tomatoes, then comes me spraying safer soap and praying to mother nature. It’s been a rough year in the garden but I’m trying new things like white eggplants, and new tricks like foil around squash bases to ward off borer bugs. My bee friendly garden areas are doing really well and doubling in size every summer, so that’s a win!

Mental Health Check-In: I’m worried about what next school year is going to look like. I’ll have one child in pre-school, and two in elementary school. I worry they will have to go back into the classroom before I’m ready for them to. I’m worried about home schooling for a long period of time which is very new to me and challenging based on what the schools had us doing at the end of last year. The unknown is not a comfortable place for me. I miss working my recruiting position, but staying home with the kids has been a blessing during these difficult times.

I miss shopping without a mask on or worrying about how far people are from me. I miss going out to a restaurant with my girlfriends so we could get a little break from our hectic lives. My thirteenth wedding anniversary came and went, and we didn’t get any time alone. I miss hugging my parents without worry. I want to go back to the gym. I want my kids to go to school. I want to get my hair done without fearing the salon.


I will miss being home with my kids so much. They are getting along so well right now. I will miss my neighbors and I being so available to sit outside every weekend and share our days. I will miss my husband being home so much. I will miss coming up with creative ways to keep things interesting for all of us. I will miss all the extra time we have to cook. I will miss a good reason not to shower for a few days (joking, maybe). I will miss this pace.

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