A Little About Me

Lifestyle Blogger

Welcome to the lifestyle blog Fingers to Sky. I started blogging when personal anxiety interfered with my life, and I was searching for a healthy release. I began journaling as a young girl and have always been drawn to writing. Creative writing allows me to express my thoughts, my unique perspective, my trials, and my tribulations. This blog is about my life: introverted, often awkward, trying to fit into the societal puzzle.

So, what’s up with the name Fingers to Sky? When I was trying to come up with something catchy, I thought about my quest to destroy anxiety and stress in my body. Humans put so many emotions and movement into raising their hands to the sky: prayer, surrender, flip the bird, or throwing hands in the air when we take a leap of faith. All of these actions honor our connection to life. We wave hello and goodbye, give someone a high five or fist bump, blow a kiss, use the peace sign, and pump our fists in the air to represent solidarity. These visual and physical movements symbolize emotions and feelings connected to our souls. We are tasting life: bitter or sweet.


About Me

I have a master’s degree in Business Human Resources and have 13 years of corporate experience. During my last position, I was laid off while pregnant with my third child. Feeling completely lost and terrified, I experienced a deep and growing anxiety that gripped my everyday routine and prevented me from living a normal life. I wasn’t living; I was going through the motions, and I knew something had to change. Being a driven person who takes nothing at face value, I stepped up to the plate.

Today, I am a freelance writer, storyteller, blogger, and mom to three rambunctious children. Life is complete with my laid-back husband and our crazy dog. I would describe my life as happy and completely bananas.

Recently I learned I will have two short stories published with the Maryland Writers Association anthology due to be printed in March 2019.

20180311_164104.jpgA Little Bit of Soul Searching

When my anxiety was at an all-time high, I knew I didn’t want to lead a life in hiding, so I sought help to combat my symptoms. With lots of ideas brewing inside, I branched out in multiple directions in search of a new mission in life. I found a good therapist after a long hunt and embrace all the unusual and frustrating moments that come with it. I also use acupuncture, exercise, Starbucks, and a good book as tools to help keep me balanced.

Anxiety is a part of me; through self-awareness, I now understand it has always manifested itself in different ways. My blog follows my progress and how I’ve learned to cope. I also discuss things close to my heart, which include house projects both big and small, as well as gardening, and life as a parent trying to juggle a new craft.

Me On Writing

Writing has been a great outlet and has toughened me up when it comes to putting myself out into the world. It forces me to put my creative work on display for others to read and critique. It’s terrifying and liberating. On my blog, I post short stories, tricks I’ve picked up along the way, and my progress on writing goals. The goals I am currently working on include:

  • Writing Baltimore Zombies, a fictional series about an infection that overtakes Baltimore, Maryland. I hope to complete the series by the end of 2019 and publish my first novel.
  • Co-writing a novella with my very talented friend Kimberly Holley. I will document our progress on Fingers to Sky.