A Little About Me

It was suggested I write something about myself so people can relate to me if they like my blog. This is challenging. There are the official resume items I suppose you are responsible for. I am in my late 30s, okay maybe a bit older than that. With three children under the age of five, one crazy dog, and my husband, life is usually on the go in some way. About a year and a half ago I found myself pregnant and about to be laid off from a job that I didn’t really enjoy but I felt it grounded me. Switching gears I am now a stay home mom and so much more. Passions of mine include writing, gardening, cooking, traveling to somewhere new even if only 10 miles away, and continuing my soul searching quest.

Off the resume I would say I am working on my overthinking and obsessing, as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Leaving the corporate world was a hard decision. It felt safe and provided an income that helped support my family. The decision to leave was not my own, but the decision not to look for a new job was all mine. In making this decision I was determined to dedicate myself to a soul search that would unleash old pain and make my heart sing. I’m still working on this, but there has been some eye opening moments I promise to share.

My blog is Fingers To Sky, which is involves so many actions and feelings. There are so many reasons we raise our fingers to the sky, it could be throwing your hands up and taking a leap. Perhaps it’s when you pray or when you raise your middle finger in frustration. We wave hello and good-bye, give someone a high five, and pump our fists in the air to represent solidarity.

Posts will include self discoveries, my attempt to become a writer, and other feel good passions like gardening. Gardening is one of my creative outlets that help wash away the stress and anxiety that swirl around in my head sometimes. I hope you like my posts!

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