Book Review: The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver: Easily one of my favorite books of all time. I read this several years ago at the suggestion of my sister. This book was passed between all of my family members in a short period of time. We couldn’t put it down. Here is a quick description from the... Continue Reading →

The Missing Scene from Wizard of Oz

When we were kids the Wizard of Oz would come on television once a year. We would put on our pajamas and pop some popcorn in the air-popper. Then my sisters and I would throw our sleeping bags and pillows on the carpet, and stare at the “boob tube” for the full duration of the... Continue Reading →

When You’re Old: Flash Fiction

They referred to her as a darling little girl, though she was now thirteen and rolled her eyes at every word that fell from an adult’s mouth. Dreary. That is how she would describe her current living situation, which consisted of her Mother, Father, little brother, and Grandpa Willy. Grandpa Willy was the only interesting... Continue Reading →

The Great Alone: Book Review

The Great Alone, by Kristen Hannah: I have not read a book by Kristen Hannah before, but The Nightingale is now on my list. The Great Alone, is about a family who wants to escape life by moving to Alaska, it is based in the 1960s and the father is a POW from Vietnam. Coming... Continue Reading →

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