My Dead Garden

Summer ended almost a month ago, and this was a hard growing season. Winter hung on well into April, the frost lasting longer than it should have. Then it rained the entire month of June, August, and September. July gave us no rain and hot temperatures. The war on bugs was lost. They came in... Continue Reading →

Jack Be Little 

I am a composter. All of my uncooked vegetable scraps and fruit parts, as well as egg shells, dry grass clippings and chopped up leaves end up in my compost bin. I actually have two compost bins. One is the fancy kind you purchase at a garden store or online. It stands above the ground... Continue Reading →

The War On (Squash) Bugs

I haven’t talked about my garden in a while, so here is an update. The squash bugs are my number one enemy at the moment. The thing about these borrowing jerks is that you don’t realize the damage they have caused until it’s too late. They borrow through the plant's core, down where it protrudes... Continue Reading →

Patio: Our Big Little DYI Part 5.2

This post follows just three days after we had the professionals pour the concrete slab. We had a busy weekend (what else is new) and did not have time to do very much. This weekend Drew concentrated on the concrete caps for the retaining wall and that’s about all that was completed. Funny story, we... Continue Reading →

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