A Weather Balloon Landed in Our Yard

“Mom? Can you come here? There is something in your yard.” My interest piques, I scoot out from my desk and join my two oldest at the sliding glass door overlooking our large grassy backyard. It appears to be a small orange parachute with a long string connected to it, though the other end tucks... Continue Reading →

Jack Be Little 

I am a composter. All of my uncooked vegetable scraps and fruit parts, as well as egg shells, dry grass clippings and chopped up leaves end up in my compost bin. I actually have two compost bins. One is the fancy kind you purchase at a garden store or online. It stands above the ground... Continue Reading →

Learning to Pump Your Legs

It’s hard; it’s flipping hard! New challenges are a bitch. For my daughter, who is almost four years old, the struggle this summer is teaching her how to pump her legs on the swing so she can drive herself upwards; she can’t get it. She thrashes her legs and cries, screaming at me to push... Continue Reading →

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