Supporting My Local Bookstore

I had a rare few minutes to myself in downtown bookstore today. With my Goodreads list in hand (totaling 87 books I want to read) I picked up two that I hope won't disappoint me. These two were The Alice Network by Kate Quinn and Barkskin by James McLaughlin. I also grabbed The Girls a... Continue Reading →

The 5 Languages of Love

When I was a pre-teen I used to take those ridiculous quizzes found in magazines. It would tell me who the perfect boyfriend would be or which New Kid On the Block I should marry. As an adult I find these quizzes to be pointless, and completely fabricated. Until I came across The 5 Languages... Continue Reading →

Eggplant: Short Story

“These questions are fucking ridiculous. I’m not doing this.” I slam my laptop closed and let my head thump on the table. “No one will ever love me.” My best friend, who's also filling out an online dating profile, keeps typing. My dramatic protest goes unnoticed. I rotate to study her. She’s prettier than me... Continue Reading →

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