Friends with Different Opinions

Have you ever fallen into a political or passionate debate inadvertently? I try to stay clear of expressing my views knowing full well that not everyone appreciates what drives me. However, sometimes someone on Facebook says something so against my grain I have to leave a comment. Other times a friend spits out fake news... Continue Reading →

So Many Books, So Little Time

Raise your hand if you chronically surf through Goodreads and Book Bub to add more books to an already impressive wish list? I keep one running list of books on Goodreads. However, I pull recommendations from both places. My profile is MelisaPetersonLewis on GR if you want to follow along, I review everything I read and leave... Continue Reading →

Albino Deer Sighting

I'm beside myself excited to have two albino deers visiting our yard. Until now I hadn't been able to catch them on camera but today I got lucky. Several pictures are below. Fresh home from my son's baseball game I saw a flash of white at the bottom of the property. Like a ninja, I... Continue Reading →

You: A Book Review

When I saw the cover of the book and I knew I had to do it. Then I got a little carried away. Other than the neck showing a little thick, I think I did a pretty good job.   You, by Caroline Kepnes I wanted a book that would bet a little gritty and... Continue Reading →

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