Just Me: Stressing About Stress

Recently I found myself getting very wound up about a situation I was trying to control. I could feel my blood pressure rising and anxious tendencies pushing me to make a decision quickly. Though, the decision didn’t need to be made within 24 hours, my hurried mind shouts at me to FIGURE IT OUT! An... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Simple Procedure

It’s a simple procedure that hundreds if not thousands of young ones go through. The doctor assured me that PE Tubes and adenoid removal was a procedure he has done thousands of times. Maybe this should reassure me, but it doesn’t. I know it is a small outpatient procedure, often with little complications. I know... Continue Reading →

Rock. Paper. Scissor.

Everyone always starts with Rock, so I should do Paper. It's the obvious choice. Paper covers Rock and wins. What if everyone knows that already? I can't be the first person in the universe to figure this one out. If this is the case I should go with Scissor, because everyone knows that Scissor cuts... Continue Reading →

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