Summer Break

It is officially summer break and I am home full time with a 1, 3, and 6-year-old. Overwhelmed? Hell yes. My son (the 6-year-old) moaned that he didn’t know what to do and was bored for about an hour straight. Meanwhile I hurled ideas at him only to be met with the eye roll and... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Simple Procedure

It’s a simple procedure that hundreds if not thousands of young ones go through. The doctor assured me that PE Tubes and adenoid removal was a procedure he has done thousands of times. Maybe this should reassure me, but it doesn’t. I know it is a small outpatient procedure, often with little complications. I know... Continue Reading →

Where We Write: Not Always So Zen?

My desk and my mess. My inefficient space to write. I generally write at this big old clunky desk I inherited from my grandmother. The top of the desk is cluttered with notes, mail, to-do items, and rarely used computer equipment. Today we also have a drill sitting here waiting for me to hang a... Continue Reading →

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