Flannel: Short Story Part 4 of 4

She began putting her gear into the pack with careful precision. Every ounce counted. Her toothbrush was missing most of the handle, which she sawed off herself. One of many dedicated feats for the commitment ahead. Shannon was setting out for a hike through of the Appalachian trail, starting in Chattahoochee National Forest, located in... Continue Reading →

Grasp The Hoe

It’s the end of winter and cabin fever is rooted deeply in me. Leaving me unmotivated, slow moving, and scatter brained. My appetite decreases and the desire to take care of myself and my house withers. Seasonal depression is a symptom that affects many of us. At the start of Fall my soul is divided.... Continue Reading →

Giving it a go: Reflexology

It was by chance that I called a local wellness group and the reflexologist answered the phone. In my pursuit of happiness, I have tried a few nonconventional things along the way, so why not this. A Reflexologist is a trained professional who applies pressure to points on the feet, hands, or ears which correspond... Continue Reading →

First Time Writer

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I take a deep breath and I say “I’m a stay home mom.” Cringing a little when I say it aloud. It’s not that I don’t enjoy staying home with my kids, actually it’s the best daytime gig I’ve ever had. For some reason the... Continue Reading →

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