Book Club and Socially Awkward Me

I am a socially awkward person. Example, I took my daughters to a pumpkin picking event with their school. I hardly said two words to any of the parents. I’m not sure how you start talking to someone out of nowhere. Honestly, when someone begins a conversation with me, I have a hard time keeping... Continue Reading →

Beneath A Scarlet Sky: Book Review

Beneath the Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan Based on a true story and soon to be made into a movie, I found easily fell into this story. Pino and his Italian family are immediately interesting, perhaps it’s just a taste of another time and another country. The time is set during World War II and... Continue Reading →

Seven Books

I texted a neighbor of mine, who is an avid reader, asking him if he had the book, One Hundred Years of Solitude that I could borrow. He did not have the book. However, he said to me, via text, "Unfortunately I don't have that one, but please feel free to come over at anytime and... Continue Reading →

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