The War On (Squash) Bugs

I haven’t talked about my garden in a while, so here is an update. The squash bugs are my number one enemy at the moment. The thing about these borrowing jerks is that you don’t realize the damage they have caused until it’s too late. They borrow through the plant's core, down where it protrudes... Continue Reading →

Patio: Our Big Little DYI Part 4

This past weekend we had a few interruptions on our progress, as usual, though mostly fun disruptions like baseball games and cook outs. Did it rain again? Of course it did! Sunday I was outside with my husband and the two older kids (aged 3.5 and 6), digging trenches for the tiebacks. We get our... Continue Reading →

Patio: Our Big Little DYI Part 3

This past weekend was very wet. So much so that our yard flooded temporarily in some areas and we couldn’t help but take advantage of an unfortunate situation. Sending the kids gliding down the yard in our old canoe was the highlight of the weekend. It also made for some good pictures and we got... Continue Reading →

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