College Girl 1995

High school was in the rear view mirror and I wanted to get as far away from my little town as possible. My parents loaded up our Maroon, Isuzu Trooper and off we went, five and a half hours south to Greensboro, North Carolina. I knew just two people there, both boys that I had... Continue Reading →

Wish You Were Here

We stayed up late and talked about the demons that haunted us and the people we ran with. I looked to you for comfort and everything about you allowed me to feel that way. You are my friend, but you aren’t a part of my life any longer. There was a time when we were... Continue Reading →

Friendship Grip

Friendship ain’t just claspin' hands and saying howdy-doo. Friendship grips a fellers heart and warms him through and through. – unknown Hung on the wall of my childhood bathroom was this little frame and a picture of me and my sisters. We were all under the age of six, wearing nothing more than homemade shorts... Continue Reading →

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