Artificial Wonder

Do we all wonder about artificial situations and how we would react or survive in that situation? Driving the car, taking a shower, sitting on the toilet, lying in bed trying to sleep, sitting in a waiting room, or maybe even while you are supposed to be paying attention to someone speaking to you. It... Continue Reading →

The Making of a Character

When my story first started to unfold I had an idea that my main character, Madeline, would be like me, kind, sensitive, anxiety stricken, you know all the fun things that make up who I am. When I started to write this life for her, I suddenly figured out that she is the most boring... Continue Reading →

Imagination Through Story

Story telling is a favorite for me and my kids. At dinner they will often give me a character and a place, then I make up the story from there. Recently we had a story about the three ninja's who protected the king's farmland from thieves. Here is that story: Once, long ago, in a... Continue Reading →

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