Let Them Be Kids

Thumbing through some old pictures I came across this one from last Spring. My daughter found a mud puddle near our house and she just couldn't help herself. She was all in! At first, I clenched my teeth and said, "No! No! You'll get so dirty!" Then I remembered some of the mud fights I... Continue Reading →

A Weather Balloon Landed in Our Yard

“Mom? Can you come here? There is something in your yard.” My interest piques, I scoot out from my desk and join my two oldest at the sliding glass door overlooking our large grassy backyard. It appears to be a small orange parachute with a long string connected to it, though the other end tucks... Continue Reading →

Summer End

When summer first begins I can’t wait to toss aside my sweaters and boots. Shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops are a welcome change. I rejoice in the idea of getting outside more. Snow and ice are traded in for sunshine and evening thunderstorms. There is something peaceful about falling asleep to a thunderstorm rolling in.... Continue Reading →

Patio: Our Big Little DYI Part 4

This past weekend we had a few interruptions on our progress, as usual, though mostly fun disruptions like baseball games and cook outs. Did it rain again? Of course it did! Sunday I was outside with my husband and the two older kids (aged 3.5 and 6), digging trenches for the tiebacks. We get our... Continue Reading →

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