Patio: Our Big Little DYI Part 4

This past weekend we had a few interruptions on our progress, as usual, though mostly fun disruptions like baseball games and cook outs. Did it rain again? Of course it did! Sunday I was outside with my husband and the two older kids (aged 3.5 and 6), digging trenches for the tiebacks. We get our... Continue Reading →

Patio. Our Big Little DIY: Part 1

I want to have the hang out house. This is the story about our summer DIY project. We have about 2.5 acres of land, with the flattest land being towards the back of the property. This is not ideal for gatherings in the least! While I blog often about my social anxiety, the truth is... Continue Reading →

Glimmer of Spring

A glimmer of Spring. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD; how appropriate) suffers can rejoice when Spring starts to poke through the haze of winter.  Up to twenty percent of us have a mild case of SAD and it is more common in woman than men. With winter chilling us to the bone and sucking the moisture... Continue Reading →

The Box Outside the Garden

My current garden space is 625 square feet. When I first designed the garden it seemed huge. That feeling didn't last long, so I had to come up with a plan. This will be my third year gardening here, the first year was a total failure, the second year I saw some improvement. Setting the... Continue Reading →

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