In The Middle

I’m between sizes in both shoes and clothing. I feel like it’s always been this way. The smaller size squeezes my internal organs, yet the bigger size doesn’t hug me like a familiar friend either. I stare at my closet and often think, No, No, No, Maybe?, No, I have nothing to wear! Nothing fits... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I write because it is the only thing that makes my brain chug forward these days. I have never felt like an exceptionally interesting or talented person, but this spotlight I hold is drifting away and towards something bigger. I write because I want my crazy brain messes to spill out in an orderly enough... Continue Reading →

Let That Sh– Go

Things in life have a tendency to pile up and then come raining down on us at unforgiving times. We move through the sludge quickly/slowly/gracefully/ugly. It’s still the journey, no matter how long it takes us to get there and whatever missteps we take along the way. We pick up the lessons needed along the... Continue Reading →

Identical Woe

I remember the first time I used the internet to look up my physical symptoms. We've all done it for one reason or another. Often the internet scares the heck out of us and tells us we are going to die or we should see a doctor right away. Add increased heart rate to the... Continue Reading →

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