In The Wrong Lane

Have you ever found yourself in the turn lane and suddenly realize that the tide of traffic is taking you the wrong way? A destination either unknown or completely off track. Something we want to avoid happening, so we politely put on our signal and try to edge into the correct lane. Often we are... Continue Reading →

Anxiety or Just Normal

Am I being anxious or is this how normal people feel? This is a question I ask myself every day. Different circumstances call for different answers, but it’s not always black and white. The amount of gray area coming into play is significant. It wasn’t very long ago that I discovered my anxiety leaks out... Continue Reading →

Rock. Paper. Scissor.

Everyone always starts with Rock, so I should do Paper. It's the obvious choice. Paper covers Rock and wins. What if everyone knows that already? I can't be the first person in the universe to figure this one out. If this is the case I should go with Scissor, because everyone knows that Scissor cuts... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Poem by Portia Nelson

I read this poem several years ago and it has always been one I go back to. You may have heard the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." While I enjoy that saying, it suggests we learn from our mistakes after two failures. Portia Nelson's poem below suggests... Continue Reading →

Looking at Pivotal Moments

There was a pivotal moment in my life that I didn’t notice at the time, but now looking back, I kick myself for taking the wrong turn. I was 20 years old and attending University of Maryland at College Park (around the mid 1990s). It was the start of the Fall semester and I had... Continue Reading →

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