Glimmer of Spring

A glimmer of Spring. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD; how appropriate) suffers can rejoice when Spring starts to poke through the haze of winter.  Up to twenty percent of us have a mild case of SAD and it is more common in woman than men. With winter chilling us to the bone and sucking the moisture... Continue Reading →

Invisible Prey: A Garden Entry

My garden is bare, just dirt and some peas I poked into the ground. Today it's covered in about a foot of snow too. Laying, sleeping, waiting for the dirt to be baked by the sun and warmed up, are the bugs that prey on my garden. These vicious creatures want to take food off... Continue Reading →

The Box Outside the Garden

My current garden space is 625 square feet. When I first designed the garden it seemed huge. That feeling didn't last long, so I had to come up with a plan. This will be my third year gardening here, the first year was a total failure, the second year I saw some improvement. Setting the... Continue Reading →

Grasp The Hoe

It’s the end of winter and cabin fever is rooted deeply in me. Leaving me unmotivated, slow moving, and scatter brained. My appetite decreases and the desire to take care of myself and my house withers. Seasonal depression is a symptom that affects many of us. At the start of Fall my soul is divided.... Continue Reading →

Vitamin Dim

Dim: The Daily Prompt I don’t want to write about it being dim, but dim is the day. The sky has been so gray, the grass is an ugly beige, and the trees are dark silhouettes lacking life. February is the longest month of the year it seems. Every year February rolls around and with... Continue Reading →

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