One of You: Sci-Fi Micro Fiction

I've just recently discovered micro fiction and it's rather addictive. Using the world I'm creating in my novel I will continue to create a few of these teasers leading up to my book release. When will my book be released? Hopefully later this year. We shall see. I think getting an idea of how different... Continue Reading →

So Close to Draft One: A Novel Update

I am so close to finishing the first rough draft of my novel I can almost taste it. The words are painted on the pages (electronically of course), my characters have cellular structures and they piss and eat just like the rest of us. They are alive! I created them. I pumped life into fictional... Continue Reading →

Dead Man Walking: A Blogger Collaboration

Collaborations are my favorite! I would absolutely do this again, so much fun. We had 10 bloggers, 300 words each, building on a single story. Here is the final production below. Thank you Denny McBride and Em for the idea and organizing. Also Thanks Liz Charnes for the cover picture. Part 1: Denny McBride Darla Nyte... Continue Reading →

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