When Kids Are Creepy at Night

At 11:30pm I was working later than I should have when my attention was broken by the sound of a whimper coming from upstairs. The refrigerator’s hum and buzzing from the bugs of summer outside, make it hard to pinpoint where the whimper is coming from. I hear it again. It’s my son. This isn’t... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Zombies 002

Here is part 002 of my Baltimore apocalyptic story series. As promised, I have incorporated several of my friends into the series. Meeting her end in this section is my good friend Nora; also Nadine and her husband Mike have a rough go at it. Hope their real day is going much better.

Baltimore Zombies

Baltimore Zombies 002: The Crate Situation

Melisa Lewis

The single granola bar from this morning should sustain me for two days, maybe three if I can lay low. My meal card will let me refill provisions soon. We are permitted to restock food and supplies once a week. The government has been airdropping supplies to a few stores and hospitals, though they’re scarce and the contents don’t satisfy the number of people still in here. Most places taking meal cards are run by organized groups who like to make up their own rules. In other words, gangs. Gangs run the only constant source of food. After the stadium debacle, all registrations moved to local police stations. To obtain a meal card you had to register and provide identification, causing many to go hungry. With more deaths due to starvation than attacks from the dead at night, it’s a no wonder…

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ShineLight Legacy August Newsletter

Creating newsletters for a truly unique company. Check out ShineLight Legacy and all the amazing documentaries they film for individuals. What I wouldn’t do to hear my grandmother’s voice, I wish I had known about this service before she left this world. It’s an honor to start writing for them.

The Captured Quill

Recently I have had the pleasure of connecting with a truly unique and thoughtful company called ShineLight Legacy. This company travels to clients all over the world creating personal documentaries. To create their newsletter, I used the marketing platform MailChimp.  The objective of this newsletter was to push for holiday sales due to production and finished product taking several weeks to complete. Also addressed in the newsletter are the companies ability to travel to their clients, costs of service, and a teaser about extended services and a revamped website coming soon. All graphics were provided to me by the owners and filmmaker. However, the formatting and content of the newsletter are my design.

Please see ShineLight Legacy’s August Newsletter here.

I always enjoy talking to clients to better understand the feel and tone of their company. Newsletters should be a direct reflection of the company’s creative energy, bringing…

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