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Let me see here, what was I doing in my 20s…oh, yes, I was going out six days a week, working through a hangover and then catching the hair of the dog. I danced on bars and crowd surfed at the HFS Festival. Had a few lap dances from some lovely strippers that impressed me... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Zombies 005

Chapter 5! Moving right along. Shelby is greeted by Kory in the Tech House and Emmanuel, one of the runners, talks to her about what’s to come. Renee makes contact, striking urgency. Writing for different characters is challenging. I’m trying to make each one unique in their actions and speech. It helps when characters are loosely based off of friendships I have or a personality trait I possess.

Baltimore Zombies

Baltimore Zombies 005

The Tech House

By Melisa Lewis

I wake up still gripping the book bag on my chest, though the knife has been taken from me. The room is lit with morning sun coming from the windows outside of the room. Without the window facing the hallway this cave-like office would not have any natural light. Jason is at the desk again, or still — I’m not sure which.

“Did you take my knife?” I ask, snarkier than I intended.

“I didn’t want to wake up with a knife in my chest,” he doesn’t look up from his papers.

“I wouldn’t have…”

“Save it. You’re not the first person I’ve bunked with.”

“All new people stay with you? That sounds exhausting,” I cannot imagine having a revolving door of strangers coming through my bedroom.  I wonder how much this bothers him.

“No, not everyone. Just people that have…

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