Crow’s Feet: Micro Fiction (483 words)

The mirror lied. Her spirit identified as a woman half her current age, and at forty-two the vision of herself balanced between unfair and not so bad. Her smile edged by wrinkles showed how often she laughed. Brown curly hair frizzed out beyond control, even after another product failed to save the day. Maybe her... Continue Reading →

White Belt: Book Review (Zombies!!!)

I recently read White Belt by Faye McCray. A fun story that moves nice and quick. The novella-length leaves me wanting more as soon as the ride is over. Prepare yourself for some gory scenes, humor, and the main character who quickly grows from fraidy-cat to warrior. Main character Dani is on her way to... Continue Reading →

Evil Tobacco Hornworms!

In the garden last evening I noticed a super sad tomato plant. The leaves were nibbled off, so I investigated closer. These plump Hornworms did a number! I found thirteen worms with the help from my son (the self-proclaimed bug scientist) and we fed them to my neighbors chickens. The birds loved them, so that's... Continue Reading →

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