Baltimore Zombies 001

Years ago I joked around with friends about a zombie apocalypse situation hitting Baltimore, MD. The city is walled off to prevent infection from spreading. A lot of my friends were to play roles, it was going to be fun killing them off one by one. Now that I have so much time on my hands (joke) I decided to commit to my story. Enjoy Part I.

Baltimore Zombies

Baltimore Zombies 001: Running of The Bulls

I pedal the bike as fast as I can through the cold dark alley. My heart beats so loud it feels like it’s running in front of me – loud as an elephant. A memory of my mom creeps in, as kids she used this metaphor when we stomped through the house. Today, I would do anything to have her here yelling at me to quiet down. My lungs burn; sweat is dripping down my face and burning my eyes. A cramp in my side threatens to disable me. This bike has to move! I keep pumping my legs.

These assholes are fast at night, and I’m pretty sure they can see better than I can. Abandoned cars and litter fill the streets. I have a vague idea where I’m going. The alley looks ominous, though a few overhead lamps provide some guidance…

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Editing Ninja

Habitually I have been using two friends to do my beta reading and editing. While they are tremendously helpful and aid in my growth undoubtedly, I know I can’t harass them every time I want some feedback. So I ventured out and found a few more. One beta reader –---- back up, do you know... Continue Reading →

Darling Girl: Drama Short Story

Her family referred to her as a darling little girl. Michelle, now twelve, rolled her eyes at every word that fell from an adult's mouth. Dreary is how she would describe her current living situation, which consisted of her mother, father, little brother, and Grandpa Willy. Grandpa Willy was the only interesting person in the... Continue Reading →

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